API Create Memory

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Quick Example

curl -X POST \
     -H "MMT-ApiKey:<your_api_key>" \
     -d "name=newMemory" \
     -d "description=newDescription" \
     https://api.modernmt.com/memories \
     | python -mjson.tool
    "status": 200,
    "data": [
            "id": 5,
            "key": "mk_4890fj840qjf4gggfga55",
            "name": "newMemory",
            "description": "newDescription",
            "externalId": null,
            "creationDate": "2017-10-13T13:32:34+00:00"


This method creates a new ModernMT Memory and links it to the current User.

If the MMT-ApiKey header is missing or invalid, this API returns an HTTP ERROR 401:

    "error": {
        "message":"Missing or invalid authentication header"

Resource URL



Name Description
name The name with which the new Memory must be associated to the current User

Example: newMemory
The description that the new Memory must use for the current User

Example: new description for the new memory
The id of the TM stored in an external provider, and that should be imported in the new MMT Memory.
The external id must be in format x_providerTag-idString

Example: x_mm-fh548297h54f0281hf47

Response Fields

Name Description
id The MMT Memory id for the newly created Memory.

Example: 5
key The MMT Memory key for the newly created Memory.

Example: mk_f4932hg205vh7h20h05g72
externalId This is a private parameter only for internal use
name The Memory name with which this User was linked to the newly created Memory.

Example: BeautifulMemory
description The Memory description with which this user was linked to the newly created memory.

Example: My most precious memories
creationDate A timestamp marking the instant that the Memory was created.
It refers to the creation of the actual Memory, and not to the moment when the User has connected to the Memory.

Example: 2017-10-13T13:32:34+00:00